How can my organization fund raise?

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Fundraising Webstore

SCP Group has developed a system that puts you in control of your fundraising goals with minimum effort.

The benefits include:

  • No up-front costs
  • No money collection
  • You control branding and profit margins
  • $10,000+ profit potential
We will develop promotional products that are sold on a mobile-friendly website designed just for you.


  • Choose the products to offer–items your community will readily purchase.
  • Be part of the design process–you tell us how you want your products to look.
  • You decide the profit on each item.
  • Promote the campaign using social media–potentially reaching thousands instantly–and provide potential buyers a link to a retail website.
  • Collect your profits at the end of the campaign–we present you a check and a spread sheet with detailed order information. 

To make it even easier:

  • Flyers announcing your fundraiser are provided at no cost
  • We will deliver the first 50 orders within 10 days so the items start to generate interest and sell themselves.

Products will be delivered to your facility on a weekly basis at NO additional cost*. 

Campaigns are recommended to last 30 to 45 days. Wholesale pricing is available to purchase additional quantities if you'd like to sell on your own.

To begin your successful campaign. Call 800-833-7868 and ask for Randy Beck at ext. 101.

*Delivery is free to locations within 10 miles of Sharon, PA. Delivery charges may apply outside a 10-mile radius.